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Fantasista is a visible light cure, tooth shade, radio-opaque (150% of Al) composite resin using a unique organic filler which is reactive with the polymer matrix. This feature gives the finished restoration greater fracture toughness and wear resistance. Because of good flow characteristics and minimal stickiness, Fantasista is easy to place even in the most difficult situations. With standard polishing procedures, Fantasista gives outstanding life-like cosmetic results.

  • Natural and beautiful
  • Unparalleled translucency and ability to blend with shade of the surrounding tooth
  • Fantasista's proprietary strontium filler adjusts the refractive index to complement that of the resin matrix. The result is a restoration with life-like translucency that visually blends into the surrounding natural tooth structure. Margins become invisible. It's ideal for the most-demanding anterior cosmetic dentistry - yet provides the high strength, wear-resistance and radiopacity needed for long-term performance under posterior occlusion.
  • Spreads smoothly - Doesn't slump
  • Fantasista doesn't slump. Not even at body temperature. So anatomy can be easily formed during build-up without rushing to cure cusps or incisals before they lose their shape. Yet under the slight pressure of an instrument, Fantasista spreads easily without resistance or stickiness. So it's easy to place and make adjustments before curing. Fantasista resists bubble formation. Because of its thixotropic nature, it spreads easily into line-angles and marginal areas without excessive trapping of air.
  • Adapts beautifully to your preparation
  • Fantasista resists bubble formation. Because of its thixotropic nature, it spreads easily into line-angles and trapping of air.
  • A strong, tough restorative that resists fracture
  • After your first few Fantasista restorations you'll appreciate its superior aesthetic and handling qualities. But studies reveal it also features superior physical properties. Its high compressive and flexural strength plus high fracture energy means that a Fantasista restoration resists cracking and chipping ... even when use in particularly stressful posterior applications.

Spreads smoothly

 Strong and tough

 Superior aesthetic

 Resistes fracture


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