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Key Specifications :

Optimum Polishability

 Outstanding Handling Characteristics

 Anti-Plaque Effect

 Dependable Strength and Durability

Details :

Beautifil II the 2nd generation Giomer light-cure fluoride releasing direct aesthetic restorative material was developed using S-PRG Technology (Surface Pre-Reacted Glass-ionomer) to provide superior aesthetics with excellent shade match, enhanced handling characteristics and anti-plaque effect while maintaining strength and durability.

Features :

  • Universal restorative that is indicated for direct cosmetic tooth modifications, restoration of Class III, IV, and V cavities, cervical erosion, root caries, Class I and selective Class II cavities, fractures, laminate veneers and core build-up.
  • Offers fluoride release and recharge similar to glass-ionomers with a unique anti-plaque effect specially useful when treating high caries risk patients.
  • Assures predictable aesthetics, excellent shade stability, improved polishability and outstanding surface luster due to the nano-hybrid filler distribution in the material.
  • Remarkable wear resistance, radiopacity 3 times that of natural dentin for accurate diagnosis, fluorescence similar to natural teeth and biocompatible.
  • Optimal physical properties to ensure durable and long lasting restorations under tough intraoral conditions.
  • Enhanced handling with ideal thixotropic nature and easy to use ONE TOUCH CAP syringe system.

Benifits :

Predictable Aesthetics
The Beautifil II filler structure has been developed to simulate the internal structure of natural teeth with ideal light transmission and optical characteristics.The moderate translucency and light transmission of enamel combined with the light-diffusion of dentin offers  predictable aesthetics with a close shade match to natural teeth.

Excellent natural shade reproduction can be achieved with a chameleon effect, using a single shade that blends well with surrounding teeth making the restoration undetectable. In aesthetically demanding cases additional shades can be used to achieve exceptional results.

Optimum Polishability
In addition to the S-PRG fillers discrete nano fillers (10~20nm) have been included in the filler structure of Beautifil II to obtain a filler load of 83.3 wt% for fast and easy polishing with an outstanding surface lustre which retains over time.

Outstanding Handling Characteristics
Excellent  handling  has  been  achieved  with  the  inclusion  of nano particles making Beautifil II a user-friendly material that  is  easy  to  sculpt  with  no  slump,  non-sticky  and  wets preparation well with good thixotropic qualities.The “One Touch Cap” of the syringe has been enhanced for easy dispensing and delivery during build-up of restoration.

Anti-Plaque Effect
On the surface of a tooth restored using Beautifil II a “material film” layer is formed by saliva that is reported to minimize plaque adhesion and inhibit bacterial colonization.Although this “material film” layer may be removed by brushing, subsequent layers are reproduced by saliva therefore S-PRG filler has a function of inhibiting plaque accumulation.

Dependable Strength and Durability
The internal structure of Beautifil II with a high filler load ensures long-term stability under rigorous intra-oral conditions combined with high flexural strength for universal application.



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