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Interlig by Angelus is a braided glass fiber impregnated with a light cured composite resin. It is a structure of intertwined glass fibers indicated for use in procedures such as splinting, reinforcement of resin retained fixed bridges, reinforcement of acrylic resin bridges and the fabrication of space retainers in child patients. The intertwined scaffold forms the translucent fiber structure. Glass fiber has a perfect combination of esthetic and mechanical properties which is most desirable. With these properties, Interlig is the perfect material for immediate, highly conservative, durable and low cost preventive and restorative dental procedures. Interlig is composed of glass fibers (60%) and impregnated resin (40%). The impregnated resin consists of bis-GMA, diurethane, barium glass, silicon dioxide and catalysts. With advances in silane chemistriy and adhesion technology, glass fibers are used in various fields of dentistry such as Periodontics, Prosthodontics and Operative Dentistry. 

Warning: Interlig should always be covered by the composite resin and any exposed fiber should be removed gently using dental burs and the area must be corrected with composite resin. The use of Interlig is contraindicated in patients having allergic reactions to its components.  


  • Highly esthetic
  • Excellent mechanical properties
  • Glass fibers impregnated with resin
  • Thickness – 0.2 mm
  • Width – 2 mm
  • Length – 8.5 cm
  • Special scissors are not required
  • Saves time and material
  • High flexural strength
  • Easy to adapt
  • Easy handling; protects fibers from light and heat
  • Splinting in Periodontics and Orthodontics
  • Splinting of avulsed or extracted teeth
  • Reinforcement of resin retained fixed partial dentures
  • Reinforcement of temporary fixed bridges (direct or indirect)
  • Reinforcement and repair of bridges made of acrylic resin
  • Space retainer fabrication in Pedodontics.
  • Reinforcement of large restorations

 Easy to cut

 Glass fiber

 Malleable fiber

 Packed in sachets


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